Ask the Expert

Though not usually one to overdo it on so-called “expert” parenting advice, I must say I agree with the gurus on one thing – sleep cues. As a parent it is so important to learn to read your child’s signs of fatigue in order to ensure them healthy and well-timed night’s rests. The tricky part is, of course, that these signals vary by to individual. For example, some children express their exhaustion by rubbing their eyes and becoming clingy, while others evidence tiredness by fantasizing about smashing their cars through Yogurt Mountain’s storefront window in order to create a “drive-thru,” or wondering, if they really concentrated, could they live out their remaining years pretending to be a character in a Jane Austen novel?*  Thus, one must observe closely and respect one’s personal tendencies in order to effectively attend to particular sleep needs.

*Note:  The latter two examples above more frequently be found in older children.  Specifically those 37 and up.

This Postpartum Society of Florida Bloglet was written by Sarah Workman Checcone, PPSF Founder & Executive Director