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The SISTER Training

SISTER stands for Self-Image Support Team and Emotional Resource – Postpartum Society of Florida’s original New Mother Mentorship Program.

The Postpartum Florida SISTERs are an elite team/force of women trained to triage perinatal crisis, confidently connect women with vetted resources and, most importantly, mentor and encourage new mothers one-to-one through their postpartum year.

Purpose: To create/amass an elite force of New Mother Mentors and Community Advocates through a 3-part, year-long, 32 hour training experience

Objective: To train the Postpartum Florida 8 Regional Directors, collaborate to create our SISTER Training Manual, and empower each Regional Director to confidently train 5-10 volunteers in their regions in 2017, creating a team of Perinatal Advocates in every Florida community.

Goal: To grow the Postpartum FL SISTERMama Mentorship Program to more than 100 volunteers by 2020 in order to improve Maternal Mental Health in the state of Florida, empower mothers to care for themselves appropriately, and reduce the incidence of PPD and family strife in the early years following birth and beyond.

For more information on the SISTER Program, check out SISTER Program info.


The HELPP PMAD Training Scholarship

Postpartum Florida’s HELPP (Higher Education and Learning for Perinatal Providers) Program is a dedicated Maternal Mental Health Training Scholarship open to qualified Florida perinatal providers and Mental Health Professionals. Since launching the HELPP Program in 2015, Postpartum Florida has connected nearly 20 perinatal and mental health providers with vetted training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs – e.g,, Postpartum Depression) across 9 Florida Counties, thus significantly increasing the availability of effective treatment for Florida moms.

HELPP Scholarship winners receive full registration coverage to complete the eight-session Maternal Mental Health Webinar training presented by PSI and the 2020MomProject, as well as placement on the Postpartum Florida Resource List following completion of the Training and a brief post-course questionnaire. Our long-term HELPP Program goal is to fund PMAD training for at least one mental health professional per county across half of Florida counties by 2020. We are thrilled to share that we are already 15% of the way to this goal in just one year!

The PPSF HELPP Program is the only PMAD Scholarship opportunity of its kind, yet the quality of the HELPP Program is only as good as the quality of our HELPP applicants. We are looking for exceptional professionals with the skills, hearts and minds to change the face of Maternal-Infant Health and Wellness in Florida. Will you join us?

For more information on or to apply for a HELPP Scholarship, check out helpp app 2016.