For Providers


The HELPP Scholarship:  Train to Treat Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders


Are you a Licensed Counselor, Counseling Intern, Social Worker, Psychologist, ARNP, Psychiatrist, or other mental health professional?  Then we want to pay for your full registration cost to attend the Maternal Mental Health 8 Session Webinar presented by the Postpartum Society of Florida and the 2020MomProject, and then list you as a PMAD-trained provider on our site’s Perinatal Support Locator database. 

To apply for a Fall 2016 HELPP Scholarship, download the HELPP Scholarship Application 2016 for Mental Health Professionals, and become part of a specialized set of professionals engaging in informed treatment to help fight the public health crisis of Perinatal Mental Distress among Florida mothers and fathers in parenthood transition.  We look forward to connecting you with this outstanding opportunity!


What Can PPSF Do For Our Practice?

Outreach and education volunteers can come give an in-service, grand rounds or informal office PMAD Q&A at no cost.

Our peer support volunteers can help connect your patients with quality Perinatal Wellness resources, such as trained therapists, counselors, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners, support groups, credentialed home help and more.

Our PMAD screening committee can help supply your practice with the right screening tools for your patients, and the vetted provider network to support any necessary “next steps” of care.

Facts About Postpartum Distress and Screening

FACT: At least 1 in 5 (some say 1 in 3) new mothers will experience Postpartum Distress (Depression, Anxiety, etc.), and 1 in 10 New Fathers/Partners, making PPD the top complication of childbirth, above gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and hypertension.

FACT: PPD is not visible to the naked eye – no one can “tell by looking” at a new parent whether she or he is experiencing Perinatal/Postpartum Distress.

FACT:  When we rely on “signs” and self-reporting, we miss at least 50% of suffering mothers – real conversations between parents, providers, and trained volunteers are essential Thus, real conversations are essential.  

FACT: Universal Postpartum Distress Screening for ALL New Mothers helps identify of the “silent half” of suffering Postpartum moms.

FACT: Postpartum Distress Screening can be inexpensive, require little time and effort from providers, and result in far better first year outcomes for mother and baby.

FACT: PPSF can make PPD Screening easy for your practice.

So don’t wait to start screening!  Check out the following no-cost, vetted PPD Screening tools:

The edinburghscale and

The New Mom Help Checklist

Both can be strong starts to honest and effective provider-perinatal patient conversations.

For Social Support Providers

Thank you so much for all you do for new mothers – we appreciate you and want to support your wonderful work for Florida families!

Are you interested in further training to learn how to run a social support group, or create a perinatal support network in your community?  We can help!  Please send us a message on the Contact page and tell us how you are supporting perinatal women in your area – peer support groups, warmlines, volunteer guidance, resource connection, etc. – and how we can help train mental health professionals in your area, as well as train you and your volunteers to confidently offer social support to new parents in your community.  Please get in touch today!

P.S. We love to share templates for Group Guidelines, Intake Forms, Volunteer Meetings and more – PSI has graciously shared with us, and we pay forward!  Contact us for efiles of these and similar forms to support your powerful work for your community.