Six Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Postpartum Recovery

Six Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Postpartum Recovery

One of the biggest mistakes women make after they give birth is trying to do everything themselves once they return home from the hospital. This can cause a slow recovery and can wear out a new mom. It’s better to delegate tasks to others rather than trying to do everything on your own.

Avoiding coffee

Caffeine is a popular beverage, especially in the mornings, but it can also affect postpartum recovery. It can cause sleep deprivation and dehydration. Instead, drink plenty of water, lactation teas, and coconut water. And, avoid strenuous exercise during this period. Consider switching to decaf if you must have coffee.

Avoiding sex

It’s not uncommon for a woman to feel a loss of desire for sex after the birth of her baby. This is due hormonal changes in a woman’s bodies. It can take up three months for hormones to balance. During this time, lactating moms have decreased levels of estrogen and testosterone, which can affect their desire and sex life. You can use a vaginal moisturizer, or a prescription cream that contains estrogen to help you. For a woman who has just given birth, it is important to get enough sleep and exercise.

There are many ways to maintain intimacy and bond with your partner after giving birth. Postpartum sex doesn’t have to be as invasive as penetrative sex, but it’s important to continue to be intimate. Talk to your partner about your feelings and find ways to engage in physical activity. It’s normal for you to feel uncomfortable after childbirth. Take your time to get to understand your postpartum body. You should also give yourself permission to masturbate. Don’t feel bad if your partner does, either.

Avoiding processed foods

The majority of processed foods contain artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, and hydrogenated oils. These foods are low in nutrients, making them unsuitable for postpartum recovery. Instead, new moms should focus on whole-grain cereals, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. They should also consume plenty of water.

A good postpartum diet allows you to eat consistent amounts of food throughout the day, while limiting your exposure to harmful ingredients and additives. It should not be based upon the weight loss, as this could compromise your postpartum recovery. You should not use a crash diet to lose your weight.

Listening to your body during postpartum recovery

If you’re not listening to your body during postpartum recovery, you may be sabotaging your own recovery. New mothers are constantly evolving and changing, not only physically but mentally, and emotionally as well. Fortunately, there are many ways to nurture yourself after the birth of a child and keep your mind and body happy and healthy. Kimberly Ann Johnson, author, The Fourth Trimester shares some tips for holistic postpartum health.

Postpartum recovery is a necessary part of motherhood. Many people give advice on how to have a baby or care for one, but few address the realities of healing after birth and recovery. Many new mothers are not prepared for the challenges ahead. This guide will help to understand the various phases of postpartum recovery. It will also explain how each phase lasts and what you can do to get through each stage.

The first week of postpartum is the most demanding in terms of recovery and adjustment. Your pelvic region may be swollen from a c-section, vaginal tearing, or other complications. You’ll also have sore nipples and breasts. Your body’s organs are starting to move back and your hormones will be preparing for breastfeeding.

During the first few weeks of your new baby’s life, you’re likely to experience baby blues. These feelings are common and will last for weeks. If they’re untreated, it can lead to postpartum depression. Symptoms of postpartum depression include excessive worrying about the baby, feelings of guilt, and difficulty sleeping.

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