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Postpartum Florida is a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt, Not-for-Profit Organization. All PPSF services are free to the community. We offer Volunteer Training, Scholarships for Provider Training, Parenthood Preparation Classes, and, most importantly, New Mother Support Services FREE OF CHARGE. PPSF is entirely volunteer-run. We fund our programs and initiatives through private donation and community grants. Thank you for visiting - Please check out our Perinatal Support Locator above and find out what support is available near you!

For Moms & Partners


Sometimes it’s hard to be honest about the less positive/more negative aspects of motherhood, and how it changes us as women, especially when the ones we love seem to struggle to really listen to us without judgment...

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For Providers


PPSF Outreach and education volunteers can come give an in-service, grand rounds or informal office PMAD Q&A at no cost. Our peer support volunteers can help connect your patients with vetted Perinatal Wellness resources, such as trained therapists, counselors, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners, support groups, quality home...

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What do Postpartum Florida Volunteers Do?

At Postpartum Society of Florida, the emotional and mental wellbeing of mothers is our mission.  We are a volunteer-run, mom-to-mom support organization.  All our services are FREE to Florida mothers and families.  Check out our list of  top programs below: 

Postpartum & Toddler Mama Support Group

Provider HELPP Scholarship Training Program

SISTERMom(R) Mentorship Volunteer Training Program

MiTunes:  Mother-Infant Music

SISTERs in Waiting

Partners, Parents & Personality Type(R)

These programs are vital to the families of Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and other counties across the state of Florida.  Every year our small but mighty clutch of 5-10 active volunteers engages in more than 1,200 personal contacts with Florida mothers and babies, as well as between 100-200 guidance and training contacts with perinatal providers and social support volunteers.  These purposeful, personal contacts ensure that every Florida mother can feel connected to the support she needs to feel well.