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Mothers are the foundation of our societies.  They grow the babies, birth the babies, nurse the babies, walk the floors, diaper, burp, and give endless energy to the little ones in their lives, filling their families with security, attention, and love.  Yet, who refills the Mother’s heart?  Who “mothers the mother?”

Sometimes as new mothers we compare ourselves to certain pieces of other people without seeing the whole picture. Sometimes we really miss our old selves, our old independence, our old freedom, even if perhaps we weren’t actually that free. Sometimes we wish we could be alone for a while, without anyone touching us. Sometimes we just really, really miss actual sleep.

Guess what? A lot of new moms share those feelings. If you can relate the above, you are not alone! Those feelings are normal, and have nothing to do with how much we love our babies. Mothers are human, too!

At Postpartum Society of Florida, the emotional and mental wellbeing of mothers is our mission.  We are a volunteer-run, mom-to-mom support organization funded entirely by donation .  All our services are FREE to Florida mothers and families.

We are mothers who understand the complexities of transitioning from pregnancy to parenthood.  We know how challenging, difficult, or downright crummy the postpartum period can be, and how healthy and healing for new mothers (and partners!) to have a safe, nonjudgmental space where they can share openly, relate to others’ experiences, and receive emotional support.  

We know the expectations of idyllic motherhood, and how hard it can be to be honest about the less positive/more negative aspects of motherhood, and how it changes us as women.  Most importantly, we know that social connection, emotional support, and feeling heard is essential to a new mother’s wellness.  Often simply engaging in honest sharing allows a new mother to find solutions and strategies to feel better and adjust to our “new normal” with hope…and even happiness!


For more information about PPD or “Postpartum Depression”/”Perinatal Distress” please visit Postpartum Support International’s website, a comprehensive and compassionate resource for new moms and their families.

What is a “Postpartum Support Group?”:  

An Open Letter to a New Mom

Hi Mama, 

Do you have a newborn or infant?  Is motherhood not quite what you expected?  You are not alone!  Whatever you’re going through right now, we, as moms and survivors of PPD and more, are here to listen, related, support or simply be present with you as you adjust to life as a mom.

Support Groups can be a powerful source of encouragement and compassion for a new mother.  Support Groups have many different formats and styles, but the missions are always the same – providing emotional and social support for new moms.  

For example, the Postpartum Mamas Support Group in Sarasota is a “Drop-In” mother-to-mother support group run by 1-3 trained volunteer facilitators.  Our support group is free and for any new mother experiencing stress and/or distress (anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, Panic, etc.), from moms experiencing isolation a/o sleep deprivation, to moms suffering from panic attacks a/o insomnia, and other symptoms.  

Our weekly focus is the wellness of the mother, as well as facts about Postpartum Adjustment and simple stress management strategies to use throughout the week.  Another style of Support Group is the kind that is a set number of weeks, for a modest fee, run by a trained mental health professional, or other specific feature.

A typical Support Group Agenda may look like something this:

9:30  Welcome, Introductions & Group Guidelines

9:45  Sharing

11:00  Open Group Discussion (Time-permitting)

11:25  See you next time & Invitation to Resources/Referrals

Support Groups help provide that social and emotional support that every new mother needs.  A mom-to-mom support group is a safe space where a new mother can share in a non-judgmental, emotionally supportive environment.   as well as helping connect moms with vetted resources – counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, doulas, acupuncturists, primary cary physicians, housekeeping help.  

As Support Group Leaders, we love to connect moms with good resources, and strongly encourage all our Group moms to see a mental health professional weekly throughout their postpartum adjustment to help ease the transition to motherhood and speed the postpartum recovery, body, mind & soul.  Becoming a parent is such an enormous life-change, it is truly *the perfect time* to seek support from a quality mental health professional.  In other words, Mama… this is the time to focus on *your health,* as well as baby’s.  You are the foundation of your family!

So, check out your closest Support Group soon!  To find a Group, visit our Home Page and enter your zip code under “Support Groups.”  If you don’t see one close to you, search for your “Local Volunteer” – maybe there’s a Support Group coming soon!  

Thanks for reading this, Mama.  We know you have a lot going on right now, and we appreciate your time and attention.   Keep reaching out for help – you are not alone, you are not to blame, and with help and effort, you will be well.


Postpartum Mamas & Toddler Support Group Leaders, 

Sarah & Rebecca 

Find a Group, Volunteer, Mental Health Professional, or quality Home Help near you with our zip code lookup. The support you need is closer than you think. Hugs!


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